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When failure is not an option, Interactive Agencies trust Reliam to deliver the highest level of performance and scalability for national or international campaigns. With flexible pricing and no long term contracts, campaigns can scale effortlessly for short durations with no upfront investment in expensive hardware. - Mission Critical Solutions

Reliam provides with a high-performance and high-availability environment to ensure a dynamically scalable infrastructure and full redundancy.

Wilderness Downtown - Campaign Solutions

Reliam provides with a high-performance and high-availability environment to ensure a dynamically scalable infrastructure and full redundancy.

Reliam’s private cloud architecture and in-depth monitoring allowed on-demand scaling of resources to deliver a fast and responsive experience to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users.

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CocaCola campaign - Campaign Solutions

B-Reel’s client, Coca-Cola utilized Reliam’s campaign solutions for a short term promotion which lasted three months. Aside from Reliam’s standard top notch services, they received Reliam’s event capacity servers, load testing, and global CDN services.

Corona campaign - Campaign Solutions

Pereira O’Dell and B-Reel worked together on a Corona promotion. Reliam provided campaign solutions for this HTML5/CSS3/JS experiment with a database which required storing data related to the experiment such as map coordinates and small text blocks. The site experienced traffic from promotional posts on Corona’s Facebook page, which has over one million users.

Verizon Fios Holiday Message - Campaign Solutions

B-Reel worked on the Verizon Fios holiday message, a four month project which experienced large traffic spikes and included a significant amount of video. To ensure the traffic spikes had no effect on the application, Reliam provided an additional web server, along with load balancers. For the heavy video content, Reliam implemented their CDN services.

Samsung AllShare - Campaign Solutions

B-Reel required an intricate solution for the Samsung AllShare project. In this four phase project, Reliam ensured seamless scalability and optimization with their campaign solutions.

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TBWA \ Chiat \ Day

TBWA\Chiat\Day is a division of TBWA Worldwide, an international advertising agency. Among many notable awards, TBWA\Chiat\Day has received CLIO awards, the Cannes Lion Grand Prix award, AdColor awards, FWA site of the day, and Tomorrow awards.

View Project GT Academy - Campaign Solutions

Reliam worked with TBWA\Chiat\Day to provide Internet Application Management for the GT Academy show campaign.

View Gatorade Mission Control Project

Visa Memory Keeper promotion- Campaign Solutions

The Visa Memory Mapper was a short term Adobe Flash promotional sweepstakes, which allowed users to create an animated journey with pictures and music. Boasting a high-level of user interaction, the application was heavily integrated with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Google Maps. Along with Reliam’s state-of-the-art Internet Application Management, Reliam provided five virtual servers, along with load balancing.

Gatorade Mission Control - Campaign Solutions

The Gatorade mission control center monitors all social media activity, which enabled Gatorade to increase their engagement and reduce exit rate. Reliam provided a database for information scraping services for Gatorade’s mission control center.

Nissan Innovation Garage- Campaign Solutions

Reliam worked with TBWA\Chiat\Day on the the Nissan Innovation Garage, an interactive campaign created in HTML5 with heavy Facebook integration.

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Stink Digital

Stink Digital is a fully integrated studio network. Stink Digital has won 33 awards in Cannes, including four golds and a Grand Prix, as well as four Webby Awards. They are also the fastest company to ever enter the FWA Hall of Fame.

Ultimat Vodka’s Social Life Audit - Campaign Solutions

Reliam provided campaign solutions for Stink Digital’s Social Life Audit, a promotion for Ultimat Vodka.

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BBH is a creative advertising agency with worldwide offices. BBH has won two Agency of the Year Awards at Cannes, IPA Effectiveness Awards, and Campaign Magazine’s Agency of the Year.

Google Chrome Fastball - Campaign Solutions

Reliam partnered with BBH New York for the Google Chrome FastBall project, a YouTube / Social / App mash-up, which demonstrated the high speed of Google Chrome.

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POKE delivers brand, marketing, and product innovations with teams based in New York and London. POKE has received a wide array of awards including Webby Awards and FWA Awards.

Reliam provided a fully redundant and highly scalable campaign solution for one of the first ever live online reality shows,

View If I Can Dream Case Study View View If I Can Dream Project

Coach Color Tag - Campaign Solutions

POKE New York’s client, Coach, utilized Reliam’s campaign solutions for a short term Coach contest, which heavily integrated social media sharing. This contest overtook the blogging community and blogs were igniting with ColorTag shares on sites Facebook and Twitter. Through Reliam’s Internet Application Management services, the large spikes in traffic had no effect on the application.


RPA is an advertising and marketing agency headquartered in Santa Monica, California. RPA has received numerous awards including Belding Sweepstakes Award, "Gold" IAB MIXX Awards, Bronze Jay Chiat Planning Award, OMMA Creative Agency of the Year, Webby Awards, Yahoo! SearchLight Award, and “Best in Show” IAB/Adweek (MIXX) Awards.

Avengers movie promotion - Campaign Solutions

RPA produced an online promotion for the popular Avengers movie. On top of Reliam’s comprehensive Internet Application Management services, Reliam provided a global CDN, additional physical RAM on stand-by for the database, additional RAM for virtual web servers, additional processor cores on virtual web servers, and additional web servers for burst capacity.

>Honda Civic Quest - Campaign Solutions

RPA’s client, Honda, produced the “Super Civic Quest”, an interactive social media promotion which required users to search Honda’s social media for clues to win a new Honda Civic. Reliam provided their state-of-the-art Internet Application Management to support this high-traffic application.

Acura promotion - Campaign Solutions

RPA worked with Acura on a month-to-month project with Reliam. This project required Reliam to produce a staging and production environment including load balancing and CDN services.


iCrossing is a global digital marketing agency headquartered in London. Among many awards, iCrossing received the award for No. 1 U.S. Search Marketing Agency from 2007-2012, AdAge’s No. 12 ranked Digital Marketing Agency in 2009, and No. 8 Interactive Marketing Agency in 2009 from OMMA Magazine.

CSAA blog - Campaign Solutions

The CSAA blog utilized Reliam’s high performance private cloud which allowed for a perfect balance of performance and cost. All virtual instances received dedicated resources for superior performance and benefitted from all of the features and functions that cloud computing offers. The CSAA blog utilized application segmentation, in which the segmented web services from database services ensure better performance from each of the tiers by allowing scalability options.


BBDO is a global advertising agency network, headquartered in New York. BBDO was named the “Most Awarded Agency Network in the World” from 2005-2010.

True Blood Dig Deeper - Campaign Solutions

Reliam worked with BBDO & B-Reel to help produce a promotion for HBO's True Blood. This campaign utilized Reliam's state-of-the-art Internet Application Management along with custom load testing.

View True Blood Project

Pereira & O’Dell

Pereira & O’Dell is a creative marketing agency with locations worldwide. Pereira & O’Dell was named “Agency of the Year” in 2010.

Skype - Campaign Solutions

Working with Pereira & O’Dell and B-Reel, Reliam provided Internet Application Management services for a short-term Skype project. Using Reliam’s complete managed services and comprehensive monitoring, the site was able to scale to almost one million users per month.

Capital C

Capital C is a marketing communications agency based in Canada. In 2007, Capital C was named "Marketing’s Agency of the Year", and constantly receives a wide array of national and international awards.

Teen Read Awards - Campaign Solutions

The Teen Read Awards summer campaign included a WordPress site which was live for three months. Online voting and user interaction lead up to the actual off-line event at the end of the summer. Reliam proactively dealt with, and anticipated, heavy traffic for the Teen Read Awards campaign through their expert monitoring and managed services.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a full service digital agency. Awards include Internet Advertising Competition Awards, Mobile Web Awards, and Web Awards. - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides mission-critical hosting solutions for These services include load balancers, as well as full monitoring and support. - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam previously provided with mission-critical solutions to ensure a high-performance and high-availability application.

UCLA Health Systems UCLA Health Systems - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides the UCLA Health Systems with customized mission-critical services. Reliam’s fully redundant architecture ensures reliability and security for this highly sensitive internal site.

View UCLA Health Systems Case Study - Mission-Critical solutions

Reliam’s Internet Application Management provides mission-critical solutions for These solutions include providing with on-demand scalability, while at the same time supporting a large number of concurrent users.

View Case Study - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam delivers services and manages the application fr the Miss Universe Organization, producers of MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA®, and MISS TEEN USA®. Reliam provides a permanent solution to support large spikes of traffic during specific times with Reliam’s ability to scale on demand.

View Miss Universe Case Study

Miss USA Competition - Campaign Solutions

During the Miss USA competitions, our expert team of Internet Application engineers work around-the-clock to monitor and manage the application. Due to our top-notch services and unbeatable campaign solutions, the Miss USA application experiences flawless events each year.

View Miss USA Competition Project

Miss Universe Competition - Campaign Solutions

During the Miss Universe Competitions, we utilized our expertise and knowledge to deploy The Miss Universe Organization’s application on our high-performance event cloud; built to handle large, high-performance and high-traffic events.

View Miss Universe Project - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provided with Mission-Critical solutions for their high-traffic application. This solution allowed for a large number of concurrent users, while at the same time enabling to accept multiple image and video updates pushed from the database throughout the Grammy’s event.

View Case Study - Campaign Solutions

Reliam provided services for, a site promoting the Grammy’s #TheWorldIsListening campaign. Through Reliam’s Internet Application Management, benefitted from optimal application performance, high-availability, and 24/7/365 professional support.

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We Are All Fans - Campaign Solutions

Partnered with TBWA\Chiat\Day, Reliam provided the Grammy’s interactive fan experience site, with the ability to generate artist portraits using pictures submitted from fan’s social media sites.

View We Are All Fans Project

Digital Asset Management

Reliam provides The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences with a custom architecture and storage area network to support their internal Digital Asset Management (DAM) application.

The Academy receives Reliam’s state-of-the-art Internet Application Management services, including custom configurations of Tomcat and Jboss application servers and installation and configuration of Solaris environments, all paired with collaboration from Artesia and Oracle teams. In addition, Reliam acts as the first level Rapid Support gateway for all known system issues, delivers advanced monitoring solutions for the AMPAS’ operating system, provides hardware and application-level monitoring, and enables continued management of the AMPAS’ DAM application. The Academy benefits include a stable platform and environment, which allows their members to receive crucial services without effecting availability. – Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides solutions for comprehensive management and support of Nissan Canada’s high-profile public and private facing web properties. In addition, Reliam’s top-tier data center houses hardware needed to support these properties, around the clock 24/7/365.

View Nissan Canada Project

RFK Center

The non-profit organization, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is an institution dedicated to helping those in oppressed communities, and carry on the work of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides mission-critical solutions for

View Project RFK Holiday Auction - Campaign Solutions

Reliam enabled the RFK Holiday Auction to scale to meet the demands of large traffic spikes on the application.

View RFK Holiday Auction Project

Trevor Project

The non-profit organization, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides mission-critical solutions for

Reliam provided campaign solutions for the 2012 Trevor Live Event.

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Skedj is a New York based start-up which provides a scheduling tool that not only helps you manage your schedule, but allows you to share events with friends, and follow calendars from the places that matter to you. - Mission Critical Solutions

Reliam worked with Skedj in preparation for the launch of and performed content and security checks to cover any possible vulnerabilities. Reliam continues to provide mission-critical solutions to deliver a high-performance and high-availability application.

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What's Good

The application combines algorithms, machine learning, leading-edge public health data, and a panel of experts to determine vegan, gluten-free, low calorie, and the most popular food. - Mission-Critical Solutions

Reliam provides mission-critical solutions for to ensure high scalability and high performance. These solutions include Reliam’s top-notch around the clock rapid support, complete monitoring, and all-inclusive managed services.


AEG Digital Media provides online broadcast, managed and production services to the digital media industry. Reliam provides Internet Application Management services on a number of virtual machines for AEG Digital Media. To provide this high-profile organization with superior optimization and scalability, the AEG Digital Media virtual machines are monitored and provided fully managed services 24x7x365 by our team of Internet Application engineers.