Cost Optimization

Reliam is a leader in cost optimization strategies. We aggressively help organizations lower total cloud TCO, eliminate unnecessary services or instances, and develop recurring processes and technology to enable continuous cost optimization.

Optimization Strategies

Reliam leverages multiple, best-in-class strategies to effectively capture and deliver cost savings.

  • AWS Cost Management & Transparency

  • Channel Reseller

  • Reserved Instance Analysis & Modification

  • Instance Right-Sizing, Right-Typing

  • Spot Instance Analysis & Implementation

  • Design for Cost Savings

  • Instance Parking

  • Well-Architected Review

  • AWS Resource Validation

Beyond simply looking at workloads, instance sizes, and types to determine cost saving opportunities, Reliam partners with each organization to take a deep-dive into internal methodologies and processes that drive the development lifecycle in order to uncover potential opportunities.

Reliam provides each organization comprehensive intelligence on billing, which allows them to make informed decisions on how best to address cost optimization opportunities. Reliam also works to help organizations better understand and execute long-term efforts to re-architect or modify architecture to meet the full cost saving potential of the cloud while ensuring a Well-Architected Framework.