Nissan Innovation Garage

Our Goals

Reliam worked with TBWAChiatDay on the The Nissan Innovation Garage, an interactive campaign created in HTML5 with heavy Facebook integration. In this campaign, users submitted their ideas to win $50,000 in grants and a Nissan Altima. After submitting their idea, a dynamic video was generated pulling pictures and information from the user’s Facebook. All ideas were hosted in the Innovation Garage and voted on by other users. Reliam provided their state-of-the-art Internet Application Management, along with load balancing and CDN services to produce and maintain a highly scalable and highly optimized application.

The Nissan Innovation Garage received an FWA site of the day award.

Nissan Innovation Garage Project

  • Campaign Solutions
  • Internet Application Management
  • Complete Monitoring
  • Managed Services
  • Rapid Support
  • CDN services
  • Load Balancing

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