Application Management: Components

Do you lose more than just money as a result of poor performance or downtime?

Premium Datacenter Facilities

Six HiTec Continuous Power Systems (CPS) power Reliam’s Tier IV data center, eliminating the need for battery back-up while providing continuous and conditioned power generation. These state-of-the-art rotary Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) are designed to an N+1 capacity.

Mission-Critical Features

In a 24x7x365 world some Internet applications must be available for customers at all times and an outage or security compromise could be devastating. Mission-critical applications require premium facilities with the capability to maintain uninterrupted connectivity and performance.

Reliam understands the nature of mission-critical applications and the facilities they require. We have chosen a premium Tier IV facility to support applications with this requirement. A Tier IV facility is designed for mission-critical applications that require full redundancy, scalability, and security.

Facility Options

Since Application Management is not defined by the infrastructure or facility in which it resides, Reliam has many different facility options available including U.S. and international data center locations.

Internet Application Management may extend outside of Reliam’s facilities. Reliam manages applications wherever they may be: Reliam facilities, a corporate server room, or within a third party facility.


Reliam is a pioneer in designing high-performing, secure, and reliable network architectures. To ensure the best performance of each application, Reliam’s Internet connectivity is optimized by aggregating 9 multi-gigabit connections to Tier 1 Internet service providers, including direct connections to top networks in Europe and Asia, expediting international access to all applications.

Since its inception, Reliam has taken pride in the fact that reliability and performance have come standard for each customer. To ensure secure network communications, each Reliam customer is provisioned with a private VLAN. To eliminate single points of failure, each server is configured with redundant uplinks to diverse gigabit switches.

Network Security

Each of Reliam’s Datacenters are protected by redundant, enterprise-class Fortinet Fortigate Unified Threat Management devices that provide both stateful packet inspection firewall services and deep packet inspection intrusion detection system (IDS). Fortinet is the pioneer and market leader in Unified Threat Management (UTM) and their products have received multiple security certifications including ICSA, NSS UTM, and a company-wide ISO 9001. Reliam’s network security devices offer our customers complete protection from Internet attacks and in-depth control over traffic accessing your infrastructure.

Secure Client Access

Reliam provides secure access for client management and back-end system communication; achieved via secure VPN tunnels, site-to-site VPN, and client VPN connectivity using SSL and industry best encryption technology.

Load Balancers

Reliam has designed full-featured application load balancing built into its Internet network architecture. Application load balancing is provided via FoundryBrocade hardware-based devices to ensure the highest performance available in layer 3-7 load balancing scenarios.

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