Professional Services

Do you lose more than just money as a result of poor performance or downtime?

Consulting Services

Reliam’s consulting services allow existing and new customers alike to leverage our deep technical experience in designing or architecting mission-critical, scalable, Internet applications.

We start with an in-depth assessment of the current or planned environment, to get a detailed understanding of the high level application requirements and future goals. Then we identify potential issues and recommend an architecture that will support peak performance and scalability.

Why Reliam?

  • How to scale effectively
  • Successfully managing user created content
  • Load testing/stress measurements
  • Translating a business plan into effective technology
  • Where to use virtualization and cloud computing technologies
  • Critical security vulnerabilities in your application

Why Consulting?

Engaging Reliam for consulting services is beneficial to those who have tight deadlines and need to capitalize on Reliam’s team of experienced Internet Application Engineers. Deploying a new application can be complex and time consuming. That’s why customers rely on Reliam’s industry-wide experience architecting advanced Internet application infrastructures.

Advanced Architecture Planning

Load Testing

Reliam’s expert Internet Application Engineers can perform extensive load testing to gain a clear view of application behavior and identify critical performance enhancements and a variety of other problems before going into production.

  • Page load time
  • Ability to scale
  • Number of concurrent users supported
  • Software design issues (incorrect concurrency/pooling mechanism, poor optimization, memory build-up, etc.)
  • Server configuration issues (Web server, application server, database server, load balancer, etc.)
  • Hardware limitation issues (Excessive disk I/O, CPU maximization, memory limitations, network bottleneck, etc.)

CDN Services

Reliam actively utilizes Amazon’s CloudFront global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for its customers, which is supported by over 60 global edge locations with a 99.9% uptime SLA. Amazon CloudFront is a market-leading CDN distribution platform that is both low cost and high performance that flexibly allows for leveraging static, dynamic, or both static/dynamic types of content that seamlessly delivers large media to users throughout the world. This platform includes advanced features such as Geo Targeting, Device Detection, Cache Behaviors, Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), along with many additional levels of support. As an Amazon Advanced Consulting and AWS Channel Partner, Reliam can provide immediate value to any organization in need of cost effective CDN solutions which meets all their performance and streaming needs.

CDN Services

  • Video Delivery
  • Music Delivery
  • Content Delivery
  • Games & Software
  • Live Event Streaming

The Benefits of CDN Services

  • Reduces origin bandwidth
  • Reduces load on origin servers
  • Improves response to clients
  • On demand- no long term contracts
  • Immediate deployment

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