Hybrid Solutions

Not ready for a complete migration to the cloud? Need to better manage risk and create redundancy in the form of a business continuity plan? Organizations can leverage cloud-based auto scaling and disaster recovery in a hybrid environment, with the cloud provider of your choice, while maintaining your existing infrastructure.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Reliam offers organizations multiple public and private managed cloud options. Whether you are looking for a managed hybrid cloud environment or you have already committed to a full migration to a cloud provider such as AWS, Azure or Google, we can ensure your transition to either cloud architecture is smooth and cost effective.

Sometimes the best infrastructure for a site or application requires both cloud and dedicated environments - mix dedicated servers, private cloud and the public cloud of your choice to create your optimal environment.

Managed Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Architecture

Hybrid solutions enable organizations the ability to combine technology options of virtualization, dedicated servers, and storage. Reliam presents a unique solution through combining various technology platforms into a hybrid architecture to match each application’s requirements.

- Dedicated servers for processor and memory intensive processes
- Virtualization for Development and QA environments
- Private managed cloud services for front-end and dynamic scalability

By using the right technology where it is most effective, not only does it improve performance and scalability, but also it helps limit costs while allowing organizations to benefit from new technology where it may help the most.