AWS Disaster Recovery and Migration

Looking for a cost effective, fully scalable, cloud-based disaster recovery or migration solution? We can help you save thousands with your first step into the cloud. Our system can provide block-level replication of your data to the target cloud of choice. In the case of disaster recovery, the system streams incremental data continuously to provide a near zero RPO (recovery point objective) with a fully functioning, updated environment live within minutes of a failure. This is all achieved with minimum effort and cost. With AWS Migration, we replicate your entire stack with zero downtime, making your migration painless and affordable. Get Enterprise Level Disaster Recovery and Migration at a price a startup can afford! Reliam. When failure is not an option!

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Reliam will provide a custom disaster recovery solution that meets your needs. From a true continuous block-level replication of your data, to a simple geographic failover, our solutions are ideal for companies that require a robust DR solution without the expense of a second physical site.

AWS Disaster Recovery Planning

Depending on your unique recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) our engineers will customize a DR solution that fits your budget. Some typical scenarios are outlined below:

Disaster Recovery: Pilot Light Scenario

Reliam’s AWS Disaster recovery solutions are ideal for companies that require a DR solution that fails-over seamlessly when needed, but does not result in the large expense of a second physical site.

Disaster Recovery: Warm Standby

Warm standby extends the pilot light elements, by fully duplicating running systems on AWS, with a reduced capacity. Upon a catastrophic failure, the systems will scale up massively to handle the production load, so the client only pays for capacity they actually use.

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