DevOps is an approach that fundamentally changes how companies develop and deploy applications. The ultimate goal is to accelerate time to market and enhance customer experience.

DevOps Cloud

Reliam’s “DevOps as a service” approach enables your development team to concentrate on continuous development of Internet based applications, working closely with our certified application engineers throughout the service lifecycle.

Platform independent, Reliam will help to accelerate your development wherever you choose to host your cloud infrastructure, whether AWS, Azure, CGE, or Rackspace.

Dev Cloud Services

Reliam’s Dev Cloud allows complete control over deploying and managing virtual machines through an intuitive web interface. Backed by Reliam’s support team, you are guaranteed reliable and dependable support whenever you need it, while your developers have complete control over the website or application.

Reliam protects your data 24x7x365 with their around the clock staff of expert application engineers, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Reliam’s services exemplify cutting edge scalability, efficiency, and security. Reliam designed their Dev Cloud with developer’s every need in mind, ensuring a seamless process and production.

Accelerate Your Delivery

Instant access comes standard and Reliam always ensures you are production-ready. Reliam helps you migrate to the production environment, ensuring it’s transferred properly, always secure, and constantly ready for live-production. Once in production, Reliam provides load testing, quality assurance, and proper set-up.

DevCloud Features

Provides a sandbox of dedicated services and resources, with the ability to be turned on or off at any time. This enables faster development and QA times, since you have complete control over creating/destroying VMs, managing DNS zones, setting up load balancers, and CDN services.

Auto-scaling feature with cloud load balancers. This automatically adds more VMs once a particular threshold is met.

Templates available for the most common platforms, along with ability to create custom templates. 25 different templates are already available.

Developers have full control over all aspects of the DevCloud including:

  • Handle on own timeline
  • Quickly prototype new concepts without assistance
  • Create new VMs instantly
  • Produce load balancers in minutes
  • Edit firewall rules rapidly
  • Acquire prompt snapshot or backup of VM at any time
  • Add more resources to VMs on the spot
  • Utilize the unified interface with all DNS changes done through OnApp
  • Rapid deployment when production-ready

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