Cloud Consulting Services

Reliam provides end-to-end services to help you establish and extend your cloud and technology objectives to the next level. Making informed decisions when the stakes are high is critically important. We can help you speed the process of defining the right solution and the best way to safely capture business value. We engage with existing and new customers alike and leverage our deep technical experience in designing and architecting mission-critical, scalable, Internet application infrastructure.

Advisory Services

Engaging Reliam for Advisory Services is beneficial to those who have tight deadlines, complex problems, and require Expert Certified Engineers. Deploying a new application can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why organizations rely on Reliam’s industry-wide experience architecting advanced Internet application infrastructures.

Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive consulting services to organizations by leveraging best practices and unparalleled technical expertise. Our Consulting Services enable organizations to fully leverage the cloud while mitigating risk and optimizing costs. We start with an in-depth assessment of the current or planned environment, then we identify potential issues, and finally we recommend an architecture that will support peak performance and scalability.

Load Testing & Performance Monitoring

Reliam’s Expert Certified Engineers can perform extensive load testing to gain a clear view of application behavior and identify critical performance enhancements and a variety of other problems before going into production. Application Performance Management (APM) strives to detect and diagnose application performance problems in order to maintain an expected level of service. APM is "the translation of IT metrics into business meaning (value)."

CDN Service Optimization

Reliam is able to leverage years of collective CDN experience to deliver tremendous value by dramatically improving website performance, accelerate content delivery to end users, and deliver cost savings.


DevOps is a cultural shift that is an absolute requirement for organizations embracing the cloud. Reliam’s DevOps practice focuses on continuous improvement, automation, and consistent processes to ensure repeatable success.

Migration Services

Reliam’s migration practice combines foundational technology, industry depth, and program management in order to simplify the journey to the cloud. Reliam can help you assess your current infrastructure, apply a Well-Architected Framework approach, and plan for lift-and-shift or re-factoring of your legacy environment.

Marketing & Commerce / Ad Agencies / Interactive Agencies

Reliam works with digital and interactive agencies, global brands, and entertainment companies to ensure a quality experience for their end users, even under the most extreme traffic loads.

Cost Optimization Strategies

Reliam tracks, audits, validates, and manages your cloud usage in order to lower TCO. Our team of Cost Optimization Experts apply a stringent methodology to your environment to assure continuous cost optimization, thereby eliminating cloud sprawl and reducing your overall cloud costs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Reliam will provide a custom disaster recovery solution that meets your needs. From a true continuous block-level replication of your data, to a simple geographic failover, our solutions are ideal for companies that require a robust DR solution without the expense of a second physical site.

Campaign and Digital Asset Management Infrastructures

Reliam can provide on-demand services for short-term microsites, promotions, or live events that require instant scalability without large upfront costs, or long term contracts. For Digital Asset Management, Reliam provides organizations with customized packages, tailored to specific digital asset management needs. These packages utilize redundant platforms and environments to deliver secure, reliable, and highly-available digital asset management infrastructure.

Mission Critical Managed Services

Reliam’s 24x7x365 Expert Managed Services allows you to focus on your organization. Our Expert Certified Engineers take care of your infrastructure and application high-availability, scalability, security, and backups in order to give you the peace of mind you require.


Reliam’s security services help organizations leverage best practices to safeguard their data, meet compliance requirements, and take advantage of inherent security capabilities. Whether you’re looking for PCI compliance or cloud security best practices, Reliam has the experience and knowledge to deliver security solutions that exceed expectations.

Reliam will work with your organization to assess your goals, challenges, and areas of opportunities. From there, we define a customized strategy and roadmap that aligns to your organization's requirements.