About Us

In a 24x7x365 Internet connected world, competition is fierce and patience is scarce. Complex Internet applications require comprehensive management to enable them to scale to meet the challenges of ever-changing conditions, and to maintain the levels of service required by demanding organizations.

Sixteen years ago, Reliam was created specifically to serve the Internet’s most demanding businesses.

The demand for high-availability application solutions continues to increase, something Reliam acknowledges, understands, and strives to provide. Reliam continually pushes the boundaries of technical innovation within client architectures and internal infrastructure. Reliam knows that these complex applications don’t manage themselves. Even Reliam’s name was born from this knowledge of a persistent requirement for RELiable Internet Application Management.

From experience, we know that fully integrated application management requires much more than meets the eye. Current service solutions do not extend far enough into the application layer to capture a total picture of application performance and deliver true Internet Application Management. Reliam’s vision encompasses the strongholds of managed services, and integrates our core philosophy of staying ahead of current technologies. The future is the management of Internet applications on the cloud.

We believe that the value of our services is derived from the comprehensive view we can provide through all layers of your application.

Let Reliam help your organization perpetually succeed on the cloud!

What We Do

Reliam simplifies complex technology and enables rapid transformation to the cloud for organizations of all types and sizes. Our Expert Certified Engineers advise, consult, and support businesses throughout their cloud journey, by providing proven technology expertise and mission-critical support across multiple platforms, applications, and technologies.

Recognised as the premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Partner and AWS Channel Reseller Partner, Reliam has the expertise and resources to assist companies in all aspects of cloud services, including strategy, planning, design, architecture, build, test, deployment, security, operations, support, and cost optimization.

Reliam focus areas include, but are not limited to: